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Our team at Best Online RN to BSN Program provides detailed and up to date information regarding nursing careers, nursing schools, and more specifically, about RN to BSN nursing programs available through out the country. As a team of professionals, we understand the value of a college education in this day in age. We also remember how challenging it can be to research and select the perfect school. Our motivation here is to connect you with the RN to BSN programs that best fit your needs. Whether you need an online nursing program, or a traditional brick and mortar school experience, you can find that bachelor’s continuation program through our site.

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How Do You Select the Schools?

We’ve formulated a list of the top RN to BSN nursing programs in the country based on several key factors.  Important details included in our nursing school ranking include:

  • The credit transfer process – Losing credits during the transfer process can be more than disappointing. We’re looking for schools that take ASN credits with ease, allowing RNs to obtain a bachelor’s degree in the quickest manner possible.   

  • Tuition – We’ve researched RN to BSN programs that offer fair tuition, financial assistance programs, military tuition programs, or tuition deferment for those with a promise from their employer to pay for schooling. 

  • Nursing Job Opportunities – Most everyone understands the value of networking.  One consideration for placement on our list is the connection each school has with local hospitals and medical/health centers.  It’s important that students are exposed to nursing opportunities in their community while they are in school. 

  • Academic Requirements – It’s important that every student has the opportunity to further his or her education.  In our ranking, we’ve included schools that have, what we consider to be, reasonable GPA requirements.  Many of our schools require just a 2.0 GPA.

  • Range of Coursework – When entering an online RN to BSN program, it’s important that you obtain the course work specific to your area of interest in nursing.  A variety of course options is certainly a bonus.

  • NCLEX RN Pass rate – Why is the NCLEX-RN pass rate important?  Put simply: it reflects how well students have learned through their nursing program.  You might be surprised to know that even some of the schools with just a 2.0 GPA entrance requirement have some of the best NCLEX pass rates.  It’s an important number because it reveals the success of the program and, in short, how well the information is taught.

  • Online or Part time RN to BSN programs – Since our site it devoted to online nursing programs, we’ve ranked schools that offer complete online nursing programs or at minimum, modified/part-time nursing programs that are geared to working registered nurses. 

What Other Information Can I Find on This Site?

Aside from our nursing schools and program directory, you will find plenty of helpful tips and career information. We’re here to provide detail information that helps with your nursing career. We want you to succeed in this career from start to finish. We hope to help you answer any questions and much more with the resources on this site.

What If I Have Questions about Medical Assistant Schools?

If you need help using this site or finding information about a school you are interested in, feel free to contact us using our contact us page. We would love to help you out. Note that the best way to learn about a specific school’s nursing program is to contact that school directly. We will do all we can to assist you, but an academic advisor at your school of choice will be the best resource for your questions.