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There are many types of nursing degrees.  Here are a few nursing programs and the length of time it will take to complete them.  Keep in mind that that greater education you receive, the better opportunity you’ll have to obtain any number of high paying nursing jobs.

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The List of nursing careers is practically bottomless.  There is such a wide array of opportunity within the nursing field.  From nursing assistant jobs to advanced nurse practitioner… there are hundreds in between.  In the expansive career of nursing, you’re bound to find options that meet your needs in terms of schooling, pay, and ultimately, your nursing experience.  Perhaps you’re interested in helping children.  Or maybe your interest is in cosmetic nursing.  Whatever your ideal career choice, you can find nursing programs that suit you by requesting information today.  We’ve provided nursing career options with accompanying nursing salaries to help you make the best possible schooling choices for your future career as a nurse. 

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There are literally hundreds of potential nursing careers available in this day in age.  We’ve pinpointed some of the best nursing careers and given a brief description here.  Also note the degree needed for these nursing careers and consider whether going back to school is a good choice for you.

Ambulatory Care Nurse RN Diploma, ASN or BSN
Generally working outside of hospitals and assisting patients with pain management, treatment plans, and the general health of patients. 

Cardiac Care Nurse – ASN or BSN
Treats patients with heart disease.  Includes cardiovascular monitoring, electrocardiogram administration, and stress testing.

Case Management Nurse - AFN or BSN
Coordinates care plans, often assisting with long term care in rehabilitation or with long-term illness.  Job description could include scheduling necessary proceedures and coordinating with physicians.

Certified Nurse Midwife - RN diploma or ASN or BSN or MSN
Trained and certified to assist in the delivery of babies.  Generally includes low-risk pregnancies.  Job description includes care before, during, and post delivery. 

Clinical Nurse Leader – BSN and MSN
Works managing a team of nurses within a particular department or section. 

Clinical Nurse Specialist– BSN plus MSN or PhD
An expert nurse – often trained with a nursing specialty through a masters of nursing in science degree.  Job description may include training department staff, consulting, or clinical practice.

Correctional facility Nurse– LPN/LVN certification
Provides inmates within prison, jails, or penitentiaries nursing care.

Dermatology Nurse – LPN, ASA and, RVSN
Working within a dermatology practice, providing skin care treatment to patients.  Treatments commonly include acne, burns, skin growths, skin cancers, and more.

Diabetes Nurse– ASN or BSN
Working with patients with diabetes or patients at risk for diabetes – administering blood sugar test and education/implementing diet plans for long term diabetes care.

Emergency Room Nurse – ASN or BSN
Hospital intake for newly admitted patients, determining urgency of patient condition, stabilizing patients in critical condition.  Work environment may include ER, hospitals, helicopters, ambulance, care facilities. 

Family Nurse Practitioner – BSN and MSN
Administering care to patients of all ages – pediatrics through elderly.  Care may include administration of vaccinations, education on health and lifestyle, treatment for infections or virus, and all other potential general practice needs.

Flight/transport Nurse– Our end diploma, ASN or BSN
Nursing within emergency flight situations.  In charge of initial evaluation and treatment of critical patients.  Job description includes stabilizing patients during trauma, initiating an urgent treatment plan, and coordinating with medical facilities for further treatment.

Forensic Nurse– ASN or BSN
Nursing involved with investigation of crimes – usually related to sexual crimes, assault, or death.  Job description includes collecting medical data, making observations, taking photographs of evidence, and testifying in court as a medical witness.

Gastroenterology Nurse– ASN or BSN
Treating patients with various digestive conditions.  Job description may include implementing dietary plan, assisting in surgeries, and preparing/counseling patients in lifestyle changes and treatment plans.

Genetics Nurse– ASN or BSN
Testing patients with possible genetic conditions.  Job description may include analyzing gene data / reviewing lab results with patients, and formulating a treatment plan and referrals when necessary.   

Health Policy Nurse– BSN and MSN or PhD
Works in the public sector – often a clinical nurse specialist.  Assists in revising public policies, reviewing practices, and working as a nursing expert within firms, legislative offices, and various government or healthcare practices. 

Hemotology Nurse– ASN or BSN
Trained to work with patients who suffer from various blood disorders.  Job description may include providing long-term treatment plans, facilitating blood tests and performing other various blood-treatment exams. 

Home Health Care Nurse– RN diploma, ASN or BSN
Works in patients’ homes; often with elderly or disabled patients who receive regular medical care.  Work day includes driving to various homes and facilitating various medical treatments and followups.

Hospice Nurse– RN diploma, ASN or BSN
Works with patients who are at the end of their life.  Job includes working with families to prepare them for the death of their loved one and providing the necessary pain medications to make patients as comfortable as possible during the process. 

Independent nurse contractor– RN diploma, ASN RVSN
Works independently or through a travel nurse agency.  May take one nursing job at a time within whatever field he/she is trained in. 

Infection control nurse– RN diploma, ASN or BSN
Generally works with groups of nurses, educating on sanitations procedures, checking facilities for bacteria growth, and working with local branches of Centers for Disease Control. 

Informatics Nurse – RN diploma, ASN or BSN
Professionals in this field utilize advancing technologies to improve management of the vast amounts of data related to caring for our patients.

Infusion Nurse– RN diploma, ASN or BSN
Administers fluids, pain medications, or any other necessary treatment through an IV. 

International Nurse– RN diploma, ASN RVSN
Travels the world working in various nursing capacity.  Often contracted through a travel nurse agency. 

Labor and Delivery Nurse – RN diploma, ASN or BSN
Works with new mothers during the childbirth process.  Job includes intake process of new mothers, assisting in the childbirth itself, and monitoring new baby and mother after the birth. 

Lactation Consultant– RN diploma, ASN or BSN
Consults with new mothers on issues related to breast feeding.  Job often includes over-the-phone consultations. 

Legal Nurse Consultant – AAAS and RVSN
Advises attorneys and other legal professionals on medical matters related to legal cases. 

Licensed practical Nurse– LPN certification
Works under a registered nurse.  May take vital signs, administers injections and medications. 

Managed care Nurse– ASN and or BSN
Plans and facilitates medical plan.  Works with patients and physicians to create and maintain necessary treatment, therapies, and procedures.   

Medical Surgical Nurse – RN diploma, ASN or BSN
Assists medical surgeons during surgical procedures.

Military Nurse– RN diploma, ASN or BSN
Provides medical care to military recruits, active duty, veterans, and military families. 

Neonatal Intensive Care Nurse – RN diploma, ASN or BSN
Administers to newborn infants with medical complications.  Often includes premature infants or infants born with congenital complications.  Job description includes holding infants, educating families on the care and feeding of their infant, and administering all necessary medications, breathing treatments, and other care to infants in distress.

Nurse Advocate – BSN
Works with patients to ensure that they understand and obtain the best possible medical treatments.  Job includes working with various physicians, family members, and healthcare facilities to ensure that their ‘patient’ receives the care that they desire. 

Nurse Anesthetist – BSN and MSN
High-level nursing position that involves administering anesthesia before, during, and after medical procedures. 

Nurse Practitioner (NP) –MSN
High-level nurse that independently administers care to patients in the same capacity as a physician. 

Obstetrics Nurse, Gynecology Nurse – RN diploma, ASN or BSN
(OB-GYN Nurse) Works with women during all phases of life: After puberty, during pregnancy, after menopause.  Job description includes assistance in administering pelvic exams, educating patients on birth control options and sexual health, treatment and testing of hormones, and any other issues related to the female reproductive system.

Oncology Nurse – BSN
Treatment and care for those with cancer.  Job description includes administering chemotherapy medications, taking vital signs, informing patients of lab results, and assisting in patient care/treatment plans. 

Pain Management Nurse – BSN and MSN
Works with patients suffering from chronic or acute pain issues.  May include facilitating a treatment plan, administering medications, and educating patients on the safety and concerns with their treatment plan.

Pediatric Nurse – RN diploma, ASN or BSN
Treats children (newborn through age18).  May include assistance on annual “physical” procedures, administering vaccinations, taking vital signs, and handling paperwork for referrals, physicals, and diagnoses. 

Pediatric Nurse Practitioner - MSN
High level nurse who cares for children (ages newborn through age 18) in a similar capacity as a physician. 

Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner  - BSN and MSN
High level nurse that works with mental health patients (also called a mental health nurse).  Work includes acting as a therapist and medical health provider. Patient conditions may include bipolar, mania, depression, suicidal thoughts, PTSD, anxiety, and other conditions such as these.

Pulmonary Care Nurse - RN diploma ASN or BSN
Works with patients that suffer from pulmonary/respiratory conditions. 

Rehabilitation Nurse – RN diploma ASN or BSN
Treats patients with chronic physical injuries, disabilities, or illnesses.  Facilitates treatment plan for patient and works with family to help maintain physical goals.

Reproductive Nurse – ASN or BSN
Works with patients on reproductive issues.  Job may include corresponding with patients on lab results, administering blood test, coordinating care plan with referring physicians, and more.

Rheumatology Nurse - RN diploma ASN or BSN
Works in rheumatology practice – administers blood work, manages medications, and educates patients on long-term treatment plans.

School Nurse - RN diploma ASN or BSN
Works in a school (grades K-12) as an on-site health advisor to students.  Work may include taking temperatures, administering doctor-prescribed medications, taking blood sugar levels, and making phone calls home.

Substance Abuse Nurse – ASN or BSN
Often working in a rehabilitation center for substance abuse – counsels with patients, reviews blood tests, coordinates with attending physicians, and creates an overall care plan for patients during withdrawal and recovery. 

Telephone Triage Nurse – ASN or BSN
Works over the phone giving medical advice to patients.  Job includes gathering information and making an assessment over the phone.  Hospitals, businesses, medical offices, and insurance carriers often provide 24-hour telephone triage services.  Work can sometimes be done from home. 

Transplant Nurse - RN diploma ASN or BSN
Nurse trained to deal with pre and post operative patients through the organ transplant process.  Duties include regular management of vital signs, educating patients and family members as to the recovery process, administering IV fluids and medications, and more. 

Trauma Nurse - RN diploma ASN or BSN
Often an emergency room nurse position, this job includes the treatment of severely injured or ill patients. 

Travel Nurse - RN diploma ASN or BSN
Work can include various capacities of nursing through a contract basis.  Work may include traveling from city to city or to various places across the globe.  Work is often coordinated through travel nurse agencies and placement is determined on your area of education and expertise.