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There are many types of nursing degrees.  Here are a few nursing programs and the length of time it will take to complete them.  Keep in mind that that greater education you receive, the better opportunity you’ll have to obtain any number of high paying nursing jobs.

Featured Programs

LPN or LVN  
An LPN/LVN is a licensed vocational nurse.  The job includes dressing wounds, feeding, measuring vital signs, updating doctors on patient condition, and caring for patients.  Training is offered through many community colleges and online LPN programs are available as well.  LPN-LVN programs generally take one year to complete and prepare students for entry level nursing jobs.

Associate of Science in Nursing  
An associate degree is generally a two year program that prepares you in a particular area or field. An associate of science degree in nursing will give you a basic foundation for working in the healthcare industry. With this two year degree, you can find entry level nursing jobs in hospitals, medical offices, or private sectors. 

LPN-to-associates degrees
LPN stands for licensed practical nurse. An Associates degree in nursing will give you a solid foundation to work in the health care field.  If you currently hold an LPN, you can likely find nursing programs that will allow you to put your LPN credits toward your 2-year nursing associate degree. These bridge degree programs are readily available and are a great option for nurses hoping to continue their education. 

Bachelor of Science in Nursing BSN
A Bachelors in nursing will give you excellent potential in the healthcare field. It is generally a 4 to 5 year degree program. Salaries are higher with a nursing bachelors degree when compared to undergraduate nurses.

If you already hold your LPN, than you may be able to transfer credits directly into a bachelors of nursing program. This is an excellent choice for students who have worked in the field and know that they want to continue their  education, bettering their chances of receiving any number of high-paying nursing jobs that require a bachelors degree.

This is another type of nursing degree program that bridges your prior nursing credits into a bachelors degree. If you hold an RN, you can forward those credits toward a bachelors degree in an RN–to–BSN program.

Master of Science in Nursing MSN
Masters in nursing is an excellent choice for someone who has worked in the field and knows exactly what area of nursing they want to specialize in.  For instance, a masters of nursing could include areas of focus such as public health, business administration, nursing education, and more.  Nursing careers for a person with a masters degree can include midwifery, nurse practitioner, or any number of administrative/leadership nursing careers. 

Doctorate in Nursing Degree
A doctorate in nursing is a rigorous 3 to 4 year program that generally emphasizes leadership and clinical practice development. Programs can include Doctor of Philosophy, PhD, or Doctor of nursing sciences.  While this degree does not qualify an individual as a medical doctor, it does qualify persons to work as a practitioner and prepares individuals for medical administrative leadership positions.