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Case Management Nurse

Case management nurse does exactly what the title suggests. He or she coordinates long-term care for patients. This can include visits in and out of hospitals, rehabilitation centers and possibly with specific rehabilitation groups. Case management nurses are often assigned to individuals with long-term health conditions such as cancer,  HIV, or diabetes. 

Case management nurse job description often includes coordinating with various doctors and appointment scheduled, scheduling of procedures, and outlining the best possible treatment plan for patients.

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How to Become a Case Management Nurse

To become a case management nurse, you will need at least an associates degree (ASN).  A bachelors in nursing (BSN) is even more helpful for getting a job. The education necessary will depend on the company and the position that you are applying for. Once you have passed your National Council Licensure examination (NCLEX – RN), you'll need to work as a registered nurse for at least 2000 hours (around two years) to get the clinical experience you’ll need for a case management certification exam.  This kind of certification can be a great resume builder and very helpful in maximizing your salary potential.   Courses in case management are also available and can be useful in obtaining case manager jobs.  30 hours of continuing education is often required. 

Where to get a Case Management Nursing Degree

The American sentinel University offers a case management program on a masters level (M.S.) This program teaches students nursing leadership, basic understanding of patient referrals, delivery of care, evaluation of patient outcomes, and overall effectiveness within nursing programs. 

Seton Hall University in New Jersey also offers an MSN, Case Management/Health Systems Administration degree program. Applicants must first hold a bachelors of science in nursing and have a desire to work in case management and healthcare administration.

Online MSN Case Management programs are available through multiple online schools. Grantham University offers programs that are 100% online. Their Case Management program includes training in leadership and management, human diversity and social issues, health promotion and disease prevention, and research.

Case Management Nurse Salary

With a bachelors degree, nurses can expect to make between $44,000 per year and $64,000 per year. But with additional training and education, nursing case managers can make upwards of $95,000 per year.  Again, this is based on a number of variables including your education and level of experience.