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Flight Nurse

What is a Flight Nurse

During times of serious medical emergency, medical helicopters are sometimes necessary. Life flights vehicles must be staffed with medical professionals trained to save lives. For flight nurses, this can be an exhilarating and rewarding career. But it can also come with a great deal of stress.  It’s necessary for flight staff to work together, strategizing rescue plans. All flights medical staff should be extremely well-trained with experience and an ability to work well under stress. 

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Nursing Degree Needed to become a Flight Nurse

You will need your RN work as a flight nurse.  But to find flight nurse jobs, you are also going to need some postgraduate training in emergency nursing and intensive care. You must be well-versed in cardiac life support, trauma life-support, pediatric life-support, and neonatal resuscitation. Many companies require at least four years experience in the ICU, emergency room, or other critical care facility experience.

In addition to getting your RN, you will need some specialized flight nursing training in order to enter this field. A BSN degree can be helpful in getting flight nursing jobs. But we also recommend that you have some curriculum in trauma nursing. Some important certifications and programs for flights nurses include the certified emergency nurses credential, certified flight registered nurse, medical technician training, and RP, ACLS, or PALS certification. 

Flight Nurse Salary

Salary can vary greatly depending on your experience and education, the demands for flight nurses in your states, and the average pay for your particular hospital or company.  Flight nurse salary tens to be greater than a non-specialize RN salary simply due to the level of expertise necessary for the job.  They can make an average of $70,000 per year up to $85,000 annually.