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The home health industry is one of the biggest in the country. With so many of the baby boomers reaching retirement, there are new opportunities arising in this industry every day. Home health aide jobs are on the rise and on-the-job training is often available. Although, home health aide salary is low… roughly $21,000 per year.  As an RN, a career in home health nursing can be fulfilling and significantly better pay than home health aide jobs.  As a home health nurse, may likely visit multiple patients’ homes each day, providing them with a variety of care which may include medication, willing care, pain management, post operative care, and disease management. Depending on your level of experience and your position, your job may also include training employees on preventative and rehabilitative nursing procedures. These positions are often filled by a home health agency.  They look for individuals with at least their RN. 

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Best Degree to Get for Home Health Nursing Jobs

As in most any industry, your level of education will directly affect your hiring potential as well as your salary. To become a home health nurse, you will need to obtain your RN (registered nurse). An associates degree in nursing and help you find entry-level nursing jobs. This may include a home health nursing position. With a bachelors degree in nursing, (BSN), you will be more likely to entertain higher-paying nursing jobs that involve management, leadership, and training.  With an MSN (masters of science in nursing) you open opportunities for executive management in home health nursing. With a specialty in home health nursing, you may prepare yourself for executive-level care management, overall patient care policy, and administration.

Home Health Nursing Programs

Online nursing programs can be an excellent alternative to a traditional brick-and-mortar campus.  Whether you have already obtained your RN or if you are starting from scratch, online nursing school allows you to work while continuing your education.  Here are some online nursing programs to consider: Kaplan University, Texas Christian University, Clarkson College, University of Delaware, Ball State University, University of South Carolina, University of Nevada - Las Vegas, University of Missouri – Kansas City, University of Colorado-Denver, Texas A&M University – Corpus Christi, and George Washington University. 

Home Health Nurse Salary

As in all of the nursing careers, your salary will depend on your education, level of experience, and ultimately, your job position. RN salary and can range anywhere from $25,000 per year and up.  Staff nurse salary generally ranges between $60,000 per year and $90,000 per year. This is assuming that you have at least an associates degree and have obtained your certification as a registered nurse.