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Independent Nurse Contractor

An independent nurse contractor is one of several nursing careers that provides a versatile work environment. Nurse contractors will often work in a different home or facility each day; sometimes even a few places per day.  This is a great choice for individuals with their RN who enjoy working with lots of people and appreciate a change of scenery during their workday.  Generally, a nurse contractor works for him or herself. A travel nurse or visit nurse has a similar job description but generally works for home health agencies or a visiting nurse service, not independently. 

To work as a contractor, you will need a solid network to start from. Most independent nurse contractors have a solid career in nursing before venturing into their own business. An entrepreneurial mindset is mandatory for any kind of contractor job.  As an independent nurse contractor you will develop and initiate your own care plan for patients, manage your own schedule, and possibly treat patients in-home or at hospitals or medical centers. 

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Education Necessary to Work as an Independent Nurse Contractor

To practice nursing, you’ll need to first obtain your RN (Registered Nurse).  You can do this with just an associates degree in nursing and your NCLEX-RN.  This is the exam necessary to work as a registered nurse, the National Council Licensure Examination.  Once you’ve passed, you can begin working.  Many individuals continue their education while they work.  An RN-to-BSN or RN-to-MSN program allows working RNs to achieve a masters or bachelors in nursing while they build their experience working in the field.

Independent Nurse Contractor Salary

As an independent nurse contractor, your pay is dependent on the work schedule that you’ve organized.  Networking is quintessential when you work for yourself. Independent nurse contractors can make around $72,000 per year, more or less. This is based on a full-time work schedule. Many independent nurse contractors choose to work part time.  It’s a flexible career that you can completely manage yourself.  But because you don’t receive a set pay check, you’ll be responsible for gaining revenue. 

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