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Licensed Practical Nurse

A licensed practical nurse (LPN) is an entry-level nurse position. The job description includes keeping records, filing medical histories, and administering basic care to patients. As an LPN your job will include working under the supervision of a registered nurse.  The amount of schooling necessary for this position is considerably less than obtaining your RN. 

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LPN Training Programs

To become a licensed practical nurse, you will need to pass your licensed practical nurse certification. In an LPN certificate or diploma program, you will learn topics such as nursing practices, anatomy, legal nursing issues, geriatric nursing, psychology, nutrition, and more.  You should be ready to begin looking for LPN jobs within 1-2 years of entering your nursing program. 

LPN Schools

Online LPN programs are available through Grand Canyon University, Kaplan University, Capella University, Herzing, and more like these. Online nursing school is an excellent choice for individuals that don’t have time for full-time traditional school.  LPN to RN bridge options are available at countless schools.  Programs such as these apply credits and course work toward an associate of science in nursing, earning around 10 credit hours toward your ASN.  With an associates nursing degree, you qualify to become an RN.

Because a Licensed Practical Nurse position is the lowest nursing degree, the pay isn’t quite as high as an RN salary.  LPN salary is between $28,000 per year and $40,000 per year.  This number will vary based on where you work, and your level of experience.