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Public Health Nurse

What is Public Health Nursing?

Public health is a sector assigned to maintaining public health on a global and local scale.  Practices such as water treatment, promotion of health practices, behavior health, and public policy are all tied into this field.  Public Health nursing is a career involved with integrating community knowledge regarding personal health and the treatment and prevention of illness and disease.  The public health nurse job description includes providing information through education, working with groups to develop policy regarding public health, participating in evaluating certain health care services, and addressing certain public health concerns (outbreaks, sexually transmitted diseases, ect).  Nursing is just one of the many careers in public health.  It’s an instrumental role, dealing with entire populations by working with communities, educating them on critical (often life saving) health practices.  Public health nurse jobs are available to registered nurses.  It’s also helpful to have your Community/Public Health Nursing Certification when applying for public health nursing jobs. 

Public Health Nurse Education (PSN)

An Associate of Science in Nursing (ASN) as well as your RN are required for public health nurse jobs.  To get your RN, you’ll simply take the NCLEX-RN exam when you’ve completed your nursing diploma.  Passing this text qualifies you to begin working as a registered nurse. 

When it comes to nursing careers, the higher your education, the more likely you’ll be to obtain high paying nursing jobs.  We recommend a bachelors of science in nursing (BSN) for a career in public health.  Your BSN can be obtained through a 4-year nursing program or through a bridge RN-to-BSN nursing program.  You can obtain your RN to BSN online through even the best nursing schools.  This kind of bridge program applies your associate credits toward your BSN.  The benefit to a program like this is that you can begin working as a registered nurse after just two years.  Then you can continue working as through your online RN to BSN program. 

Public Health Nurse Certification

Nursing Certifications are available through the American Nurses Credentialing Center (ANCC).  Your PHN must be renewed every 5 years.  You’ll need a current RN to quality for the PHN certification.  Courses required for certifications may vary based on your education background.  Requirements for your certification may include nursing classes such as Educative Nursing, Nursing Research, Community Health Nursing, Epidemiology, Family Nursing, and Biostatistics. 

Public Health Nurse Salary

Registered Nurse salary varies based on your level of experience.  Most careers within the public health nursing sector range in the neighborhood of $55,000 per year.  This can also vary based on your position within the field.