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Trauma Nurse / ER Nurse

Trauma Nurse / ER Nurse

A trauma nurse is an emergency nursing position held by a registered nurse.  This can be a fast-paced and rewarding career dealing often with patients who have life-threatening injuries or acute illness.  The job can be hectic and frenzied at times so important that you’re able to deal with stress to work in this career.  Trauma nurse jobs description includes admitting patients into the hospital, taking vital signs,  stabilizing patients, and managing patient flow based on level of urgency.  Patient injuries may include car accidents, drowning, poisoning, broken bones, bleeding, and other various predicaments. 

To work as a trauma nurse, you MUST be quick on your feet, a fast decision maker, and have the ability to communicate effectively.  You will likely be employed by hospitals, but may also find trauma nursing jobs through emergency medical businesses. 

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Nursing Education – How to Become a Trauma Nurse

To become a trauma nurse in an emergency room, you must be a registered nurse.  To become a registered nurse, you’ll need to complete an associate of science in nursing degree (ASN) or a bachelor of science in nursing (BSN).  Completion of either nursing program qualifies you to work as a registered nurse.  With a bachelor’s degree, you’ll be more hirable with more earning potential as well.  Some individuals start with an associates degree and then continue into an RN-to-BSN program.  This kind of bridge nursing program applies credits from your ASN toward a nursing bachelors.  This is beneficial for individuals who wish to start working after just 2 years. Many folks will complete most of their mandatory nursing experience while they finish their BSN.  When finished with your schooling, the NCLEX-RN exam is required to start working as a registered nurse. 

Nursing Certifications

The Emergency Nursing Certification is available through the Board of Certification for Emergency Nurses (BCEN) is available once you’ve obtained at least 2 years of emergency nursing experience.  The Trauma Nursing Core Course (TNCC) is available through the Emergency Nurses Association (ENA).   Many hospitals will require these certifications.  Further certifications are available for more specific ER nursing… Pediatric Emergency Certification (CPEN), Flight Nursing (CFRN), or Certified Emergency Nurse (CEN).  When you specialize in areas of specific expertise, you increase your earning potential and strengthen your chances of obtaining nursing jobs. 

Nursing Schools

Even some of the best nursing programs in the world now offer online study options. Online nursing programs are a great choice if you are working while you go to school.  Book/study work can be managed on a more flexible study schedule, allowing you to continue working or caring for a family.  Some of the best online nursing programs include George Washington University, University of Delaware, Ferris State University, and Clarkson College, just to name a few.  Other accredited online nursing schools include Kaplan University, Walden University, and Cappella University.  These nursing schools and others like them are created for the purpose of distance learning. 

Trauma Nurse Salary

Registered nurse salary can vary based on your level of expertise and experience.  ER Nurse salary can be competitive, particularly for individuals who are specialized with nursing certifications.  Trauma Nurse Salary ranges between $60,000 and $75,000 per year.