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7 Things EVERY High School Student Should Know Before Going to College

  1. Meet your professors

    An astronomy professor in Southern California begins each semester by presenting this simple and effective means to passing his class.  He suggests that each student make a little time each semester to schedule an appointment with the professor.  Not just a pop in before class… A SCHEDULED visit during his/her office hours.  He explains that by doing this, you are creating a link between your face and that name on a paper.  Visiting the professor also gives you a chance to ask suggestions and get advice on study practices for the class.  And in the event that your grade is sitting on a string, a professor is more likely to cut you some slack if he/she knows who you are.  


  2. Featured Programs

  3. Research Loans and Grants

    Most people are surprised to know how much free money is available to students in the form of various grants. Thousands of dollars are allotted to students every semester to be used for various expenses while you are in school.  Loans are also available and depending on your timing, you may be able to lock down a decent interest rate.  Scholarships are also readily available.  They can range anywhere from $500 to full ride.  Scholarships can be awarded for academics, sports, music, or for various interests. 


  4. Learn how to write

    Depending on your major, this can range in importance from ‘very important’ to MONUMENTAL.  If you haven’t learned how to write well yet, here are two points of advice: 1) take a typing class right away. 2) READ like the dickens.  You’ll strengthen your academic writing skills as you read academic literature.  Sink in to academic journals and magazines to familiarize yourself with the vernacular of your chosen field.  You’ll be surprised what that does for your writing abilities. 


  5. Get to class on time

    This is no longer public high school.  Someone is paying a pretty penny for your education so take it seriously.  Set your alarm and get to class ON TIME.


  6. Make lists

    A list is a powerful motivator.  Through a list-managed organization system, you’ll be surprised to see how quickly you get things done.  Start with the most critical items (usually the ones you hate the most), and get those out of the way.  Don’t forget to add your play time activities to your list… that’s your reward for sticking it. 


  7. Study every day

    Here’s a quote that you should never forget: “If you work hard, it’s easy.  If you work easy, it’s hard.”  Okay, so this may not be completely grammatically sound; but the message is profound.  If you work hard a little each day by looking through your notes, reading from your text, organizing information, and quizzing yourself with flashcards, you’ll be a shoe-in for success.  If you hold off your studies until the night before, you’ll be up a creek without a paddle.  Which brings us to our final point of advice:


  8. Don’t Procrastinate

    You’ve been doing it all your life.  But you’re a grown up now so just get to work. You will be a success.