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Technical School vs. University

Which is a better choice: Trade school or college?  This question is on the minds of many high schoolers and high school graduates.  There are some things to consider before making your choice.

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  • 1. Time

    Generally trade school can prepare you for the work force in just 2 years time.  And it’s not necessarily a bad choice.  Certain technical school programs can prepare you for a high-paying job, preparing you to start work right away.  2-year nursing programs, computer networking programs, and human resources business programs are just a few of the technical pathways that are available. The definite standout rationale for completing technical school is the time involved.

  • 2. Life Situation

    Consider your current life circumstances.  Do you have family support?  Is you tuition paid for?  Do you have scholarships? The answers to these questions can definitely influence your decision on whether or not to attend a university.  Let’s face it, many of the highest paying jobs in the country require at LEAST a bachelor’s degree.  But many individuals will attend trade school in ORDER to pay for college.  Nursing degrees, for instance, can be obtained on a 2-year level, bachelor, master, or PhD level.  For individuals who want to begin working as an RN can start with just a 2-year nursing program and then continue their education with an RN-to-BSN nursing bachelor program as they continue to work.

  • 3. Career Goals

    What do you want?  You MUST start with that question before making decisions about your education.  Climbing the corporate ladder in an expansive global economy will take some significant educational credits.  But are you entrepreneurial?  Perhaps you want to take classes in order to learn your own personal skillset.  Maybe a 4-year-degree isn’t necessary?  All things considered, you should map out your long-term goals before making big decisions about your education. 

  • 4. Money

    The cost of a 4 year education isn’t cheap.  Many students go to trade to school in order to obtain a job that will PAY for their education.  While many high-paying jobs require a bachelor’s degree, you should also consider what you’ll likely MAKE in your field to ensure that your degree will pay off.