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Associate of Science in Nursing - ASN

How to Become an RN

Of all nursing degrees, an ASN is the quickest method for becoming a registered nurse.  ASN programs generally take 2 years to complete and prepare you to work within various nursing jobs within hospitals, medical. Nursing classes in an ASN nursing programs generally include courses such as anatomy and physiology, mental health nursing, chemistry for health science, pediatric nursing, general mathematics, medical surgical nursing, microbiology, and more.  You’ll also have an option to study various elective courses to help you prepare for specific fields of nursing. 

Once you’ve completed your ASN nursing program, you will be eligible to take the NCLEX-RN examination.  Once you pass your test, you’re qualified to work as a registered nurse. 

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RN Job Description

As a registered nurse, you’re qualified to work within hospitals, medical centers, rehabilitation centers, schools, homes and other various health facilities.  There are countless RN jobs available.  Just a few to mention include ambulatory care nurse, behavioral health nurse, camp nurse, cardiology nurse, children services nurse, community health nurse, employee health nurse, geriatrics nurse, home health nurse, hospice nurse, ICU nurse, long-term care nurse, neurology nurse, NICU nurse, OB/GYN nurse, labor and delivery nurse, pediatric nurse, physical therapy nurse, mental health nurse, radiology nurse, family practice nurse, school nurse, telemetry nurse, wound care nurse, and traveling nurse.  There are really too many nursing jobs to mention here.  These are just a few areas that may be of interest to you. 

RN Programs

There are other ways to obtain an RN, but an associates of science in nursing is certainly the quickest (around 2 years).  Other ways to obtain an RN are through a bachelor of science in nursing program (BSN) or a bridge nursing program, RN-to-BSN.  This bridge nursing school option is available once you’ve obtained your RN and know that you want to continue your education.  In an RN to BSN program, your ASN credits are applied to your bachelors degree.  The benefit of obtaining your ASN before entering a 4-year nursing program is that you’ll be able to start working as a registered nurse after just two year.  This can be a great benefit as you’ll likely finish many of your mandatory clinical hours while you finish your BSN. 

RN Salary

Registered Nurse salary is always dependent on your level of education.  For instance, entry level nursing jobs that generally go to ASN students, can be anywhere between $35,000 and $50,000 per year.  But with a bachelors or masters degree, RN jobs can pay up to $120,000 per year or more.