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‪FlexPath Program

‪FlexPath: Self-paced, competency-based education at Capella University

This cutting-edge higher learning format is changing the face of education as we know it.  So, what is FlexPath, you ask?   The program was developed by Capella University to allow students to move through their respective degree program as quickly as they choose by allowing students who already KNOW the material test through subjects quickly.  Students who demonstrate competency in subject testing can get through their degree program as fast as they choose, resulting in lower tuition and a quicker path to their desired career!

The FlexPath program is backed by a strong support team of counselors and teachers. Students are subject to weekly timelines and may complete their program as quickly as they like.  And in a program like this, the quicker you move, the lower your college tution is! 

Here’s how FlexPath works:

You’ll begin by completing an integrated series of compentancy-based assessment questions.  Your work will be reviewed by the school’s expert faculty members.  They will evaluate your work and determine whether you’ve demonstrated competency in that area.  You are evaluated on how well you’re able to apply theory to these subjects.  When you demonstrate competency, you move forward! 

This program has been highly noted by countless employers, stating that they value this program’s competency-based learning, as opposed to objective exams.

FlexPath is a fantastic option for students hoping to move through school quickly. You pay one flat tuition rate every 12 weeks, taking as many courses as you can during that period of time. 

What degrees does FlexPath offer?

Currenly, the degrees offered through the FlexPath program include Business, Information Technology, and Psychology.