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License Practical Nurse - LPN or LVN


An LPN is a licensed practical nurse and an LVN is a licensed vocational nurse.  The difference between LPN and LVN is really only in the title.  While Texas and California use the term LVN, all other states use LPN, Licensed Practical Nurse.  The LPN Job Description is essentially the same as an LVN.  LPN jobs and LVN jobs both require working under a registered nurse.  The benefit of going into either nursing program is that your education will be quick and you’ll be able to later apply your credits toward a higher degree, should you decide that nursing is the career for you.  The drawback is that that LVN and LPN programs only prepare you for entry level nursing assistant jobs.  It’s a great way to get your feet wet in the career, but there are more extensive nursing programs that will prepare you for higher paying nursing jobs.

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LPN Jobs

As mentioned, LVN jobs are the same as LPN.  It just depends on where you live and how your state has titled the position.  Once you’ve finished your education, your options for nursing jobs will include positions within hospitals, medical/physicians offices, schools, or rehabilitation centers.  LPN job description includes administering medications, taking vitals signs, administering vaccinations, recording medical histories, managing IVs, transporting patients within the facility, monitoring fluid intake, and more. You’ll work under a registered nurse. 

To Become an LPN/LVN

Online nursing programs are a fantastic option for individuals hoping to continue working as they complete their school work. Even most of the best nursing schools now offer online nursing school as an option for students.  State, private, and community colleges often offer online LPN programs.  Also consider accredited online nursing schools offered through schools such as Kaplan University, Cappella University, and others like these. They specialize in distance learning and often provide a perfect educational opportunity to working individuals.

LPN classes generally include study in anatomy and physiology, medication administration, pharmacology, nutrition, leadership, patient care, rehabilitation nursing, preventative nursing care, and common disease process, in addition to others.  LNV/LPN schooling generally takes a little over a year to complete.  Once you’ve finished your nursing program, you’ll need to take the NCLEX-PN exam to begin working as a licensed practical nurse. 

LPN Salary

Most LPNs make around $20/hour or around $40,000 per year.  LVN salary is exactly the same because they are both qualified for the same nursing jobs.