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License Practical Nurse to Associate of Science in Nursing - LPN to ASN


There are many types of nursing programs available and even the best colleges offer online nursing programs as well.  The LPN to ASN is generally an 18-month bridge nursing program that applies completed study work from LPN (Licensed Practical Nurse) directly to an Associate of Science in Nursing program (ASN). 

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LPN to ASN Programs

Many schools offer these types of bridge nursing programs with various class work available online.  Online nursing programs are beneficial for individuals who plan to continue their nursing job while finishing their education.  Full-time LPN to ASN nursing programs are also available.  A full time programs may be more beneficial for individuals who need weekly class time with peers and enjoy learning from a teacher rather than independently. 

LPN to ASN Classes

In an LPN to ASN Program, nursing classes will often include microbiology, applied mathematics, human anatomy, physiology, English composition, information technology for nursing, medical-surgical nursing, and registered nurse practice.  Your coursework will depend on your program and your school, but these are generally courses that are included in most nursing programs. 

Difference Between LPN and RN

An LPN is a Licensed Practical Nurse.  Most LPN jobs are entry level and will pay accordingly.  When we’re talking about the benefits of various degrees, it boils down (for most) to the discrepancy in salary.   LPN salary generally ranges between $35,000 and $46,000 per year, depending on your level of experience, while RN salary ranges between $58,000 and $86,000 per year.  Most hospitals and medical offices require that nurse care be administered by registered nurses.