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Risk Free Period Program

Universities are perpetually improving their appeal to new students.  Implementing programs such as the risk-free tuition experience is just one way to draw in potential students.  University of Phoenix recently launched a campaign advertising the new program, ‘RISK FREE PHOENIX’.  The program offers students three weeks to try the University experience.  During that time, students are able to take their first credit-bearing course.  The idea is, once they’ve gained the online classroom experience, worked with professors, and tested their own time-management skills, they’ll know whether an online degree program is right for them.  If the student decides to withdraw from the program, they will not be charged for their time in the program.  For students that are unsure about going back to school, this is a fantastic opportunity.  University of Phoenix also offers tuition refunds in certain circumstances.  This, of course, depends on factors such as: number of weeks at the University, the course length, and your state.  For individuals seeking college tuition refund, seek a finance advisor at your campus to assist you.

How the Risk-Free Period Program Works
  • Only available to first-time U.O.P. students that are declaring under 24 credits.
  • Eligible online associate or bachelor programs apply (check your state for details)
  • The following courses are applicable: GEN/127 (University Studies for Success), or GEN/201 (Foundations for University Success)
  • If you DO qualify for the risk-free program, you’ll be admitted to one of the listed courses and NOT invoiced until have the risk-free period is complete. 
  • If you choose to continue with your degree program, you will be responsible for remaining course work tuition in addition to the trial course tuition. 

Tuition-Free Period

What better way to TRY college than through a tuition-free period.  In 2011, the U.S. Department of Education advised institutions with guidance on tuition-free trial periods.  The idea was to give students the opportunity to experience college before becoming financially committed.  Secretary of Education Arne Duncan stated, “We think trial periods provide an excellent opportunity for students to try out a program before they become fully invested, and we want to make sure students clearly understand their financial obligations before they continue the program as a regular student”.   Some schools (such as University of Phoenix) have developed courses that are designed for this risk-free trial period in which students may become a student for a certain number of weeks without being charged tuition UNLESS they choose to enroll.  Of course, from that point on, students would be responsible for their tuition. 

Colleges that Offer Tuition Free Period

We recommend that you start by requesting free information from our college information request form and then follow up with a school correspondent to inquire about a tuition free period.