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Second Degree BSN

Second Degree BSN

For folks who have already finished a non-nursing degree, and hope to obtain their bachelor of science in nursing (BSN) as a second degree, there is an accelerated nursing program for you.  These kinds of programs will apply your credits from your previous degree toward your BSN.  This can make your BSN up to 2 years shorter.  It’s a great option for students who have already demonstrated significant academic achievement and wish to move on to become a registered nurse. 

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Online Accelerated Nursing Programs

With online nursing programs as widely available as they are today, it’s possible to find online accelerated second degree nursing programs that you’re looking for. We’ve provided some excellent accredited nursing programs here and suggest that you request information in order to find the school that best fits your needs.  These fast-track BSN programs will often take 12-24 months to complete.  And as your studies are online, you’ll have a flexible study schedule with plenty of opportunity to continue working as you go to school.

Once you’ve finished you BSN program, you’ll need to pass the NCLEX-RN exam, which qualifies you to work as a registered nurse.

Nursing certifications are available through various nursing associations within practically every nursing industry.  Check with the American Nurses Associates (ANA) for details regarding nursing certifications and other important nursing news.  

Jobs For BSN Grads

Some nursing jobs require a baccalaureate degree and often with that extra education, you’ll have improved hiring potential as well as a higher salary.  Additionally, administration nursing careers almost always go to individuals with at least a bachelors in nursing.  Some nursing careers worth consideration include pediatric nursing, women’s health nursing, cardiology nursing, NICU nursing, labor and delivery nursing, and these are just a few. 

Travel nursing is another excellent career path for nurses who want to travel the world. Nursing jobs agencies provide nursing jobs that can range in duration, from 1 to 40 weeks. These contract nursing jobs are known to provide excellent benefits including free housing and travel in addition to competitive wages.  A BSN will better qualify you for travel nursing jobs as well as other jobs across the nursing industry.