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RN to BSN Programs in Alaska

The beautiful state of Alaska is an excellent place for a nursing career.  In addition to countless nursing jobs in Alaska, there are opportunities within the public health nursing sector as well.  The state of Alaska does not require a registered nurses license to work as a nurse and their public health nursing jobs offer excellent benefits including dental, medical, vision, and life insurance.  Additional perks include 11 paid holidays, plus 15-30 days personal leave per year.  The Alaska Nurses Association is an excellent resource for information on state licensure, education, updates and events. 

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Nursing Jobs in Alaska

Aside from the great opportunities within the public health sector, there is a great deal of opportunity within the private nursing sector, home health, hospital care, and more.  The Alaska Nurses Association is also a great resource for nursing jobs in the state.  Job opportunities include nursing administration jobs, school nurse, director of nursing, director of hospice nursing, floor nurse, and nursing instructor.  Although it is not required to hold an RN to work in Alaska, many nursing jobs in the state DO require that you are a licensed registered nurse.  Director and nurse management positions offer a competitive salary but also require experience and often a bachelor of science in nursing (BSN).

RN to BSN programs in Alaska

RN to BSN nursing programs are an excellent degree choice for registered nurses.  The letters stand for Registered Nurse (RN) to Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN).  The program allows you to complete your bachelor of science in nursing in around 2 years by applying nursing credits from your RN program.  The benefit of obtaining an RN to BSN is that students can start accumulating clinical hours in a great nursing career while completing their education.

Nursing Schools in Alaska

RN to BSN programs are widely available through out the U.S..  In fact, even most of the best nursing schools in the nation now offer this degree option.  RN to BSN nursing programs in Alaska can be found at University of Alaska Anchorage, Capella University, and Walden University.  Online RN to BSN programs are available through these schools as well.  Online nursing is a great option for individuals who must continue working or caring for a family while they complete their schooling.

Nursing Salary in Alaska

In Alaska, a registered staff nurse will make between $60,000 and $92,000 depending on level of experience and credentials.