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RN to BSN Programs in Arizona

Arizona is an excellent place for a career in healthcare.  Some of the state’s top ranked companies include Healthcare providers.  It’s also the home to Mayo Clinic, Barrow Neurological Institute, and hundreds of other health care providers. 

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Nursing Jobs in Arizona

Arizona is an excellent state to obtain a degree in nursing, as well as a job in the field.  With thousands of nursing jobs available, a career in the nursing field is a wise choice in this sunny state.  Nursing jobs in Arizona include home health nurse, director of nursing, private company “on-site” nurse, director of nursing, public health nurse, travel nurse, school nurse, behavioral registered nurse, surgical services manager, nurse practitioner and those are just a few. 

Most of the best nursing jobs in the state will require at least a bachelor in nursing degree.  Management positions and other nursing leadership jobs require experience and expertise that you can only get from a good nursing education. 

RN to BSN in Arizona

The RN to BSN program stands for Registered Nurse to Bachelor of Science in Nursing degree.  We recommend this nursing program to registered nurses who hope to continue their education.  This accelerated nursing programs applies past credits toward your bachelor’s degree and shortens the duration of your bachelor’s program to 3-4 years.  The benefit of this kind of program is that students can continue to work while they finish school.  It’s a fantastic way to complete your mandatory clinical hours while you go to school. 

RN jobs in Arizona are readily available but individuals holding a BSN will have a greater hiring potential as well as more opportunity for higher paying nursing jobs.

Nursing Schools in Arizona

RN to BSN programs in Arizona can be found through Arizona State University in an online nursing program.  Others can be found at Northern Arizona University, University of Phoenix, University of Arizona College of Nursing, and others such as these.  We recommend that you request information from our chosen accredited nursing schools here in order to find the school that best fits your needs. 

Nursing Salary in Arizona

Registered Nurse salary varies based on your level of education and your experience.  Staff Nurse salary can range between $53,000 and $79,000 per year in Arizona.