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Delaware Nursing Industry

With the aging generation of baby boomers in the state, the nursing and health care industry has a demand for professionals.  It’s a great time to go to nursing school too.  There are plenty of online and traditional nursing schools available in Delaware.  

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Delaware Nursing Jobs

Nursing jobs in Delaware are available within a broad spectrum of careers.  Delaware is home to Christiana Care Hospital, Bayhealth Medical Center, and Beebe Medical Center, all top-ranked hospitals according to US News and World Report.  In addition to the state’s hospitals, there are dozens of long term care facilities, rehabilitation centers, out-patient care facilities, and medical centers. There are plenty of places hiring new nurse grads as well as seasoned registered nurses.  In-demand nursing jobs in Delaware include travel nurse,  pediatric nurse, ER nurse, NICU nurse, patient care nurse, operating room nurse, FT staff nurse, and adult care travel nurse (just to mention a few). 

In order to work as an RN in Delaware, you’ll need to enroll in a nursing program that includes at least 40 hours of clinical experience.  You will then be eligible to take the NCLEX-RN.  Passing this exam in addition to paying a $124 fee, submitting transcripts and drivers license, and passing a criminal back ground check are all required to obtain your registered nurse license. 


Although a bachelor’s degree is not required to work as a nurse in Delaware, there are is often more opportunity for individuals holding a BSN as opposed to just a two-year nursing degree.  Management nursing jobs such as nurse leader or health care administration jobs often require at least a bachelors of science in nursing. 

The RN to BSN is a bridge nursing program that applies your schooling credits from your RN program toward your bachelors.  This accelerated nursing degree effectively shortens the total duration of your BSN program from 4+ years to 2-3 years. 

The benefit of an RN to BSN program is simply this: you can start working as a registered nurse while you finish your schooling.  Many individuals have completed their mandatory clinical hours by the time they’ve finished their bachelor’s program and are ready for their nursing certifications. 

Most nursing programs offer bridge nursing programs of various degree levels.  Online RN to BSN programs are generally available as well.  Because this type of program is geared toward working nurses, it only makes sense that book work and written assignments can be completed online.  Schools often work with neighboring hospitals for student rotations and nursing internships. 

RN to BSN Nursing Programs in Delaware

The following schools offer RN to BSN programs in Delaware.  University of Delaware, Delaware State University, Beebe Hospital School of Nursing,  Wilmington University, and Wesley College.  We recommend that you request free information from some of the excellent schools provided here to find a school that best meets your needs.

Nurse Salary In Delaware

Registered nurse salary is based on your level of experience, your level of expertise (certifications, ect) and your education.  A licensed staff nurse can make between $58,000 and $88,000 per year.