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To get your RN Iowa, you’ll need to complete an accredited Associate nursing program.  It may be difficult to obtain good nursing jobs, however, with just an ASN in nursing.  We recommend at least a bachelor of science in nursing (BSN) in order to be competitive in the nursing industry. 

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Nursing Jobs in Iowa

There is plenty of opportunity for great nursing jobs in Iowa.  The fields of elder care, home health nursing, travel nursing, and healthcare administration are wide open.  The demand for professionals in these fields flourishes as an expanding population of elderly continues to grow.  The Iowa Health Care Association lists dozens of continuing education opportunities in areas such as:

  • Assisted Living management Certificate Program
  • Healthcare leadership
  • Elderly Waiver Review
  • Assisted Living Regularly Nurse Class
  • Assisted Living Management Certificate

There is a great deal of opportunity and room to grow in this field. 

Other nursing jobs in Iowa include labor and delivery nurse, telemetry nurse, cardiology nurse, pediatric nurse, OBGYN nurse, respiratory nurse, rehabilitation nurse, and more.  A bachelor of science is excellent education for jobs such as these.

The Iowa Board of Nursing website offers license processing information including a step-by-step on how to get your RN in Iowa, information on the NCLEX in Iowa, continuing education for nurses in Iowa, and more.

RN to BSN Programs

For licensed registered nurses, the RN to BSN nursing program is a fantastic way to obtain a bachelor of science in nursing degree.  For one thing, once the RN is obtained (generally in two years with an ASN nursing program), one may begin working as a registered nurse.  Many online RN to BSN are available through even the best nursing programs, and with a flexible study schedule, students may continue working as they finish school.  It’s a great way to obtain that higher nursing degree while completing those mandatory clinical hours.  Many RN to BSN students are prepared for nursing certifications by the time they finish their degree program. 

Nursing Programs in Iowa

We’ve included several excellent RN to BSN programs in Iowa and online nursing programs.  Individuals who have already obtained an RN should strongly consider the accelerated nursing programs as a means to apply their work toward another degree.  As you look at schools, accreditation should also be a consideration.  We recommend that you request information from the schools listed here so that you can make the best decision for your education. 

Nursing Schools in Iowa
Name of Program
University of Iowa
Iowa City, IA
RN-BSN Program
Upper Iowa University
Fayette, IA
RN-BSN Program
Briar Cliff University
Sioux City, IA
RN-BSN Program
Allen College
Waterloo, IA
RN to BSN Program
Nursing Salary in Iowa

Registered Nurse salary in Iowa is based on  your level of education, your industry within the nursing sector, work experience, and your location.  In cities like Des Moines, staff nurses with a bachelor of science in nursing can make between $50,000 and $60,000 per year.