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RN to BSN Programs in Maine

It’s possible to become a nurse with just a 2-year associate’s degree, however, we generally encourage prospective nurses to obtain a bachelor of science in nursing in order to increase their salary potential as well as their ability to obtain a high paying nursing job.  It just so happens that the state of Maine’s nurse’s association also encourages all nurses to obtain a bachelor’s in nursing.  The nursing workforce in expected continue expanding between now and 2020, creating great new job opportunities for many of the state’s nurses. 

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Nursing Jobs in Maine

There are countless nursing jobs in the state of Maine within quite a large variety of nursing fields.  While many are CNA jobs (certified nursing assistant), higher paying nursing jobs are more often obtained by individuals with at least a bachelor of science in nursing.  Homecare RN jobs are prevalent as there is a demand for home health nurses in most states in the country, including Maine.  Travel nurse jobs within the home health industry are also in demand.  Other nursing jobs in Maine include surgical nurse, pediatric nurse, registered charge nurse, endoscopy nurse, emergency department nurse, and a myriad of various staff RN positions. 


The RN to BSN is an excellent method for RNs to obtain a bachelor of science in nursing degree.  In a program of this nature, credits from your associate nursing programs are applied to you bachelor’s degree.  Online RN to BSN programs allow students to continue working as a registered nurse while they complete their nursing degree.  Many students are able to complete their mandatory clinical hours by the time they’re done with school.  This is great timing for many of the nursing certifications that require 1-2 years experience within various nursing jobs. 

With a bachelor’s degree, you spend more time studying particular areas of nursing which prepares you more fully for a great career in the field.  With 4 years of study, you’ll have plenty of study opportunities within elective course subjects.  This is where many students choose a special area of nursing to study. By the time you graduate, you should have a good idea of which areas of nursing you’re most interested in and will be able to obtain certifications in one or more areas once you’ve graduated and obtained the necessary experience required for certifications. 

Nursing Programs in Maine

We’re researched and provided some excellent nursing programs for

Nursing Schools
Name of Program
University of Southern Maine
Portland, ME
RN to Bachelor of Science Program
University of Maine-Fort Kent
Fort Kent, ME
RN to BSN Program
 St. Joseph’s college of Maine
 Standish, ME
 RN to BSN program
Kaplan University
Augusta, ME
Bachelor of Science in Nursing
University of New England
Portland, ME
RN to Bachelor of Science Program
Nursing Salary in Maine

Registered nurse salary can definitely vary based on your level of education, your location (city, state), and your industry.  Nurse salary in Maine ranges between $48,000 per year and $78,000.