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RN to BSN Programs in Massachusetts

To become a registered nurse in Massachusetts you’ll need to start by selecting an accredited nursing program in the state.  You can work as a registered nurse after just a 2 year associate of nursing program (ASN), and passing the NCLEX-RN licensure exam.  There are also Bachelor of Science in Nursing programs, Master of Science in Nursing, and even PhD nursing programs available. 

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Many states have encouraged nurses to obtain at least a bachelor’s.  With a bachelor’s degree in nursing, you increase your skillset making yourself more hirable and certainly increasing your earning potential. 

Nursing Jobs in Massachusetts

With a bachelor of science in nursing (BSN) you will be prepared to work in countless nursing jobs in Massachusetts.  Current demand for healthcare professionals is increasing and is expected to continue for the next 10 years.  Available nursing jobs include positions within the fields of home health nursing, labor and delivery nursing, pediatric nursing, and telemetry nursing.  With a bachelors in nursing, you’ll be more qualified for higher paying nursing management jobs as well as positions within health care administration.


RN to BSN programs in Massachusetts are widely available and an excellent educational option for individuals holding a current RN license.  Often referred to as bridge nursing programs or accelerated nursing programs, the RN to BSN is a degree option that applies credits from your associate’s degree toward your bachelor of science in nursing.  It can actually shorten the duration of your bachelor’s degree to only 2-3 years (rather than the typical 4 years).  It’s the best option if you are a registered nurse that plans to obtain a bachelors degree in nursing.

Online RN to BSN degrees in Massachusetts are DEFINITELY the best option if you plan to continue working while you go to school.  In online nursing programs, your book work and written assignments are generally done over the internet, and on a flexible time schedule.  You are effectively able to maintain your own schooling schedule which enables you to continue working as a registered nurse while you go to school.  Many online RN to BSN students are able to complete their mandatory clinical hours by the time they’ve finished school, enabling them to begin certifications in their desired field by the time they graduate. 

Nursing Programs In Massachusetts

We’ve researched some RN to BSN programs in Massachusetts and provided you with information on some of the best schools.  We recommend that in your search for a nursing school, you request free information from some of the schools listed here.  The more information you have, the more likely you’ll find the school that best fits your needs! 

Nursing Programs in Massachusetts
Name of Program
University of Massachusetts-Darthmouth
North Darthmouth, MA
RN-BSN Program
University of Massachusetts- Amherst
Amherst, MA
RN to BS Program
University of Massachusetts- Boston
Boston, MA
RN-BS Program
Northeastern University
Boston, MA
RN to Bachelor of Science in Nursing
Nursing Salary in Massachusetts

Registered nurse salary definitely depends on a few MAJOR factors.  Primarily, your level of education.  An RN with an associate’s degree in nursing will not generally make as much as a bachelor or master degree in nursing.  Other factors include your level of experience, your particular nursing field, and the city in which you work.  In Massachusetts, the average salary for a registered nurse ranges between $55,000 and $77,000.