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RN to BSN Programs in Nevada

To become a registered nurse in Nevada, you’ll start by finding an accredited nursing program in the state.  There are multiple educational levels of nursing; an associates degree, bachelor’s degree, master’s, or PhD.  By completing a 2-year associate of science in nursing (ASN) degree program, you’ll become qualified to take the NCLEX-RN exam which qualifies you to work as a registered nurse (when passed).  Many individuals take this pathway because they’re able to begin working as a registered nurse after just two years of schooling.  The state of Nevada offers bridge nursing programs that allow you to complete your 4-year bachelor’s in nursing by applying your ASN school credits toward your degree, shortening the length of the program to only 2 – 3 years.  Another pathway for becoming a registered nurse in Nevada is to enter a 4-year nursing program directly.  Keep in mind though, that in this scenario, it will be 4 years before you can begin working as a nurse. 

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Nursing Jobs in Nevada

Nevada has an array of nursing jobs and opportunities within a wide spectrum of nursing careers.  The home health industry is always looking for nursing professionals to fill positions within that sector.  The expanding population of elderly continues to expand, opening many opportunities for jobs.  Travel nursing jobs are often offered through home health agencies in Nevada.  The more populated cities in Nevada tend to be a little more competitive and thus tend to pay more than more rural areas of the state.  We recommend a bachelors in nursing in order to increase your hiring potential as well as your salary.  Other nursing jobs in Nevada that commonly go to nurses with a bachelor’s degree include: nursing management jobs, labor and delivery nursing jobs, management positions in healthcare administration, case manager jobs, and those are just a few. 


RN to BSN programs in Nevada are widely available through some of the  best nursing programs in Nevada.  These type of bridge nursing degree programs are an excellent choice for registered nurses who want to continue school to obtain a bachelor of science in nursing (BSN).  While an associate degree is a great way to get started as a nurse, it’s only a 2-year nursing degree program and doesn’t quite lend to the comprehensive study and preparation that a bachelor’s degree does.  In fact, many states are now recommending that their nurses obtain at least a bachelor’s degree. 

Through RN to BSN programs in Nevada, registered nurses can obtain a bachelor’s degree in just 2 to 3 years as the credits from their prior nursing education are applied toward their Bachelor’s.  It is, by far, the best schooling option for individuals with a current RN in the state. 

The RN to BSN program option is also a great choice for individuals that want to to start with an ASN nursing degree because they want to begin working as an RN after just 2 years of schooling.  Many individuals are able to continue working as they complete their bachelor’s degree through an online RN to BSN program.  Online nursing programs offer a more flexible study schedule as written assignments and discussion groups are done over the internet. 

Nursing Program in Nevada

We’ve done some research and brought some of the best nursing programs in Nevada to you.   The following are some of the bridge/accelerated nursing programs in your area. We recommend that you request information from various schools before you make your final decision about your education.  Free college information is available through the schools listed here.  Here are a few RN to BSN programs in Nevada:

Nursing Programs in Nevada
Name of Program
University of Nevada – Reno
Reno, NV
RN/BSN Program
Touro University
Henderson, NV
RN-BSN Program
Nevada State College
Henderson, NV
RN to BSN Track Program
Great Basin College
Elko, NV
RN to BSN program
Nursing Salary in Nevada

Registered nurse salary definitely varies based on your level of education, your experience, any credentials or nursing certifications that you hold, as well as the location of your job.  The registered nurse salary in Las Vegas ranges between $55,000 and $81,000 per year.