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RN to BSN Programs in New Jersey

In this well-populated state, there are some excellent opportunities for nursing jobs in New Jersey as well as nursing schools.  To become a registered nurse in New Jersey, you’ll start by selecting an accredited nursing school.  That’s where we can help you.  There are so many programs to choose from, we’ll help you find the nursing programs that best fit your needs so that you can make the best possible decision for your education. 

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The quickest way to become a registered nurse in New Jersey is to obtain an associate of science in nursing (ASN). Once you’ve completed the 2-year nursing program, you’ll need to pass the NCLEX-RN exam which (when passed) qualifies you to work as a registered nurse.  A bachelor of science in nursing is generally 4-5 years to complete.  You will also need to complete the NCLEX-RN once you’re finished in order to work as an RN.  Many students choose the first option so that they’re able to begin working after just 2 years. 

Nursing Jobs in New Jersey

There are countless nursing jobs in New Jersey within a wide range of nursing careers.  From home health nursing jobs in New Jersey to pediatric nursing positions… There is opportunity galore.  But this state can be competitive when it comes to nursing positions.  Having your bachelor’s degree certainly increases your hiring potential as well as your salary.  Some states are encouraging nurses to obtain a bachelor’s.  While a 2-year associate degree is a quick way to become a nurse in New Jersey, the education just can’t compare to the comprehensive learning environment of a nursing bachelor’s degree. 


RN to BSN nursing degrees are a great way for registered nurses to obtain a bachelor’s degree in nursing.  Through accelerated nursing programs such as the RN to BSN, nurses can finish their bachelors degree in just 2 or 3 years by using credits from their previous nursing education toward their bachelor’s.  The benefit to these nursing programs is the opportunity to work as an RN after just two years of school and continuing to work as you complete your education.  Many students are able to complete their mandatory clinical hours while finishing school. 

Nursing Programs in New Jersey

Deciding on a nursing school can be a challenging experience.  Our purpose here is to assist you in your endeavor to find a nursing program that fits your needs.  Whether you’re looking for a traditional brick and mortar nursing campus, or online RN to BSN nursing programs in New Jersey, we can help.  We’ve researched and found some of the best nursing programs in the state and provided their information here.  We recommend that you request information from multiple schools here in order to compare and ultimately make the best decision for your education.

Nursing Programs in New Jersey
Name of Program
Seton Hall University
South Orange, NJ
RN-to-BSN Program
Saint Peter’s University
Jersey City, NJ
RN to BSN Program
Rutgers The State University of New Jersey – Newark
Newark, NK
RN-BS in Nursing Program
New Jersey City University
Jersey City, NJ
RN-BSN Program
Nursing Salary in New Jersey

Nursing salary is based on several key factors.  Namely, your level of education, your number of years working as an RN, your area of expertise (nursing certifications, credentials, ect), and the location of your job.  Nursing salary in New Jersey ranges between $55,000 and $96,000.