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RN to BSN Programs in New Mexico

New Mexico is one of several states that has openly encouraged nurses to obtain a bachelors degree in nursing.  Throughout the state, schools are designing special nursing programs that offer more flexible scheduling options and expanding their accelerated nursing programs and bridge programs, making it possible for more individuals to obtain their nursing degree and more registered nurses to continue their education. 

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Nursing Jobs in New Mexico

More nurses in New Mexico are obtaining advanced nursing degrees which makes the state’s nursing jobs more competitive.  This is a good thing as the level of education is increasing amongst nurses.  But you may have to obtain a bachelor’s degree in order to find high paying nursing jobs in the state.  Nursing jobs in New Mexico range through various nursing industries including home health nursing, ER nursing, pediatric nursing jobs, rehabilitation nursing, and more.  With a bachelor’s degree in nursing, you’ll be more inclined to obtain nurse manager jobs and health care administration jobs. 


Because it’s become so critical to obtain a bachelor’s degree, many schools are opening bridge nursing programs called RN to BSN (or variations of this title).  Nursing degree programs of this sort enable registered nurses to obtain a higher degree by using the credits they’ve already accumulated.  In RN to BSN programs, credits from your ASN are applied to your bachelors, shortening the duration of your degree program to just 2-3 years (rather than the typical 4 years). 

Online RN to BSN programs in New Mexico are now widely available and offer a more flexible study schedule as much of the work is done over the internet.  It’s a great option for registered nurses who plan to continue working while they finish their education. 

Nursing Schools in New Mexico

New Mexico is a great place to go to nursing school.  With the increased demands of nurses in the state, there are multiple accelerated nursing programs in New Mexico that allow registered nurses to finish their education quickly.  We’ve researched and provided you with some of the best schools in New Mexico.  We recommend that you request information from multiple schools here in order to compare information and make the best possible decision for your education. 

Nursing Programs in New Mexico
Name of Program
Eastern New Mexico University
Portales, NM
Bachelor of Science in Nursing Completion Program
University of New Mexico
Las Vegas, NM
RN-BSN Program
Western New Mexico University
Silver City, NM
RN to BSN Program

Nursing Salary in New Mexico

Registered Nurse salary is dependent on several key factors.  You level of education, years of experience in your field, location of your job, and nursing certifications all contribute to your “worth” as a nurse.  Nurse salary in New Mexico ranges between $45,000 and $75,000 per year,  depending on these factors.