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RN to BSN Programs in North Dakota

North Dakota is one of several states in the US that has encouraged all of their nurses to obtain at least a bachelor’s degree.  In fact, between 1987 and 2003, a BSN was required to work as a nurse in the state. Although this law was repealed due to concerns with nursing shortage, it’s still encouraged and for some employers, practically required.  There’s just no comparison between the comprehensive bachelor’s degree education when compared to a two-year associate degree.

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To become a registered nurse in Dakota, you can take the NCLEX-RN licensure exam once you’ve finished either an ASN or BSN nursing degree.  Once you’ve obtained your nursing diploma and passed your license exam, you can begin working as a registered nurse. 

Nursing Jobs in North Dakota

With a bachelor’s degree in nursing, you are more likely to find high paying nursing jobs in North Dakota when compared to those without a baccalaureate degree.  Home health nursing jobs are widely available in the state as home health agencies are readily searching for qualified nursing professionals to fill positions in the field.  As the population of elderly continues to grow, this nursing field is wide open with opportunity.  Other nursing jobs in North Dakota are found in hospitals.  Labor and delivery nursing jobs, pediatric nursing jobs, critical care nursing positions, and flight nurse jobs are all available.  With a bachelor’s in nursing, you’re also more inclined to obtain nursing management jobs.  Health care administration can be a lucrative career and available through hospitals, rest homes, rehabilitation centers, schools, medical offices, and more.  These nursing jobs can pay extremely well but they’re more competitive and often take at least a bachelor’s degree to obtain. 


RN to BSN programs in North Dakota are now available in several cities and through some of the best nursing schools in the state.  The RN to BSN is effectively an accelerated nursing program that applies credits from your associate of science in nursing degree toward your bachelors.  It’s a great educational pathway for registered nurses.  The duration of your degree program (through an RN to BSN ) is generally at least a year shorter than a full bachelor’s program which is typically 4 years to complete. 

Nursing Programs in North Dakota

RN to BSN programs in North Dakota are available through at least 7 accredited nursing schools.  We’ve included a few details about these programs and recommend that you request information from the schools in order to make the best possible decision for your education.  Registered nurses who plan to continue working while they complete their BSN should consider online RN to BSN programs in North Dakota.  This is a fantastic option as online nursing schools generally coordinate with local hospitals to help connect you with nursing internships, rotations, and sometimes, your first nursing job. 

North Dakota Nursing Programs
Name of Program
Online RN to BSN
University of North Dakota
Grand Forks, NK
RN to BSN Program
University of Mary
Bismarck, ND
RN to BS Program
Minot State University
Minot, ND
RN to BSN Program
Dickenson State University
Dickenson, ND
BSN Completion Program
Nursing Salary in North Dakota

Registered Nurse salary has a wide range due to the vast number of potential careers within nursing, the possible locations of the job, plus you level of education and experience (which happen to be the two biggest factors).  For someone with a bachelor of science in nursing, salary in North Dakota ranges between $48,000 and $68,000 per year.