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RN to BSN Programs in Pennsylvania

To become a nurse in the state of Pennsylvania, you’ll need to start by finding an accredited nursing school and completing your nursing diploma, followed by the NCLEX-RN licensure exam.  A nursing education can be obtained on an associate, bachelor, master, or doctorate level.  The quickest way to become a nurse is through an associate of science in nursing (ASN), which is a two year nursing program.  Once you’ve complete the ASN and passed the NCLEX-RN, you can begin working as a registered nurse.  However, in order to obtain a great nursing career, we recommend that nurses obtain at least a bachelor’s degree.  You just cannot compare a two-year nursing degree to the comprehensive education of a 4-year bachelor’s degree.   A higher nursing education certainly prepares your for the professional world of nursing, raises your credibility as a nurse, and increases your salary potential. 

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Nursing Jobs in Pennsylvania

There are countless nursing jobs in PA within a wide array of nursing careers.  Home health nursing jobs are on the rise as a growing population of elderly continues to expand, creating more opportunity for home health nursing jobs.  Other areas of demand within the nursing industry include pediatric nursing, labor and delivery nursing, hospital nursing jobs, and travel nursing jobs of every kind. 

Many of the state’s best nursing jobs are available only to nurses holding bachelor’s of science in nursing (BSN).  Health care administration jobs, nurse supervisor jobs, and countless others often require that higher education in addition to specific nursing certifications. 


RN to BSN nursing programs are the best way to obtain a bachelors of science in nursing if you are a registered nurse.  Through accelerated nursing programs such as the RN to BSN degree, credits from previous degree programs are applied to your current program.  This can shorten the duration of a bachelor’s degree to just 2 years, for some, depending on the RN to BSN program and how many credits they will accept. 

Online RN to BSN programs in Pennsylvania are widely available.  In fact, Pennsylvania is an excellent place to go to school.  There are countless nursing programs throughout the state, many of which are accredited and ranked.  Online nursing schools are a fantastic schooling option for registered nurses who plan to continue working while they finish their education. 

Nursing Programs in Pennsylvania

We know how difficult it can be to find the RN to BSN program you’re looking for.  We’ve researched the best nursing programs in Pennsylvania and provided you with details on these schools.  We recommend that while you’re here, you request information from several schools in your area in order to make the best possible decision for your education.  

RN to BSN Programs in Pennsylvania
Name of Program
Widener University
Chester, PA
RN/BSN Program
Pennsylvania College of Technology
Williamsport, PA
BSN Program
Pennsylvania State University
University Park, PA
RN to BS Option Program
RN to BSN Program
Temple University
Philadelphia, PA
RN-BSN Completion Program
Gannon University
Erie, PA
RN-BSN Advanced Placement Program
Mansfield University of Pennsylvania
Mansfield, PA
RN to BSN Degree Completion Program
Nursing Salary in Pennsylvania

Registered nurse salary in Pennsylvania is determined by several key factors.  Your level of education, experience, and area of expertise are all included.  The average pay for a registered nurse in PA ranges between $38,000 and $80,000 per year.