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RN to BSN Programs in Virginia

Nursing Jobs in Virginia

As healthcare reform efforts place increasing demands on the scope of nursing, it’s a better time than ever to obtain a higher nursing degree.  Virginia nursing jobs are prevalent but often go to the most qualified nursing professional.  And although you may be able to start working once you’ve finished your ASN (nursing associate degree), there’s just no comparison between a 2-year degree and the comprehensive educational experience of a 4-year bachelor of science in nursing program.   Virginia nursing jobs are readily available in the fields of home health nursing, pediatric nursing, ER nursing, and telemetry nursing, as well as travel nursing jobs across every nursing industry imaginable.

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RN to BSN programs in Virginia are readily available at several excellent nursing schools in the state.  Bridge nursing programs of this sort are an excellent method for registered nurses to obtain a bachelor of science in nursing without ‘starting over’ in school.  In a bridge nursing program, such as the RN to BSN, credits from prior education are applied toward the bachelors, shortening the duration of the BSN program to just 2-3 years total. 

Online RN to BSN programs in Virginia are possibly the best choice for students who want to continue working as a registered nurse while they complete their education. 

Nursing Programs in Virginia

Virginia is an excellent place to go to school.  There are plenty of great nursing schools in Virginia, many of which offer an RN to BSN nursing program.  Most bridge nursing programs cater to working nurses, offering flexible in-class schedules or online nursing programs.  We’ve researched some of the programs in the U.S. and provided you with information about some of the top RN to BSN programs in Virginia. We recommend that you request information from at least a few of these schools in order to compare and make the best decision for your education.

RN to BSN Nursing Programs in Virginia
Name of Program
Hampton University
Hampton, VA
RN to BSN Pathway
Jefferson College of Health Sciences
Roanoke, VA
RN to BSN Track Program
Marymount University
Arlington, VA
RN to BSN Program
Old Dominion University
Norfolk, VA
Post-Licensure BSN Program
Radford University
Martinsville, VA
Radford, VA
RN to BSN Track Program
Nursing Salary in Virginia

Registered nurse salary can vary greatly depending on a few key factors.  Your level of education and field of expertise certainly play a major roll in the equation.  But the location of your job also influences how much you make as a nurse.  The average annual salary in Virginia, according to BLS, is $63,270.