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Nursing jobs in Wyoming are widely available through hospital, rehabilitation facilities, health care offices, and within the travel nursing industry. It’s a great time to obtain a nursing job here since the state is currently in a shortage and desperately needs nurses.  Keep in mind that while you may be able to obtain a nursing job with just a 2-year nursing diploma (and passage of the NCLEX-RN licensure exam), an associate of nursing just can’t compare to the comprehensive nursing education of a 4-year bachelor of science in nursing.  Many of the jobs within the nursing sectors listed here go to individuals with a BSN in nursing.  If you are already a registered nurse, you might consider the option of obtaining your bachelor of science as well.  By obtaining a BSN, you increase your salary potential and make yourself more hirable.

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If you are already a registered nurse, hoping to obtain a bachelor of science in nursing, RN to BSN nursing programs in Wyoming might just be the perfect fit for you.  In bridge nursing programs such as the RN to BSN (also referred to as accelerated nursing programs), previous credits that you’ve earned through your ASN program may be applied to your bachelor’s degree, shortening the duration of your BSN program from 4 years to just 2.  It’s a great way to go if you’ve already worked hard to obtain your RN.

Online RN to BSN programs in Wyoming are the perfect option for those working as a registered nurse.  If you plan to continue working while you go to school, an online nursing program is a great choice.  In the instance that your school of interest does not offer online nursing programs, RN to BSN programs often offer flexible in-class scheduling that’s conducive to working nurses.  

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Nursing Salary in Wyoming

Registered nurse salary in Wyoming is based on your level of education, your field of expertise, and the city in which your job is located.  A general pay range for RNs in Wyoming is between $59,600 and $78,000 per year.