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2014 TOP 40 Nursing Blogs

We consider nursing blogs to be an invaluable resource for those considering a nursing career. We’ve reviewed hundreds of blogs and are pleased to announce our TOP 40 NURSING BLOGS! The following nurse bloggers absolutely provide a unique view on the nursing field. Many present narratives regarding nursing school, test questions, NCLEX study tips, and stories from their professions. Congratulations to our 2014 favorites!

Nurse Barb’s Daily Dose

We simply adore Nurse Barb and her witty yet sensitive approach to women’s health nursing.  Her experience as a Nurse Practitioner lends to a wealth of information in the form of menopause health guides, pregnancy information, cancer caregiving videos and insights, articles on practically every health topic, and her very own book entitled “The Hot Guide to a Cool Sexy Menopause”.  Her sight is truly a comprehensive health resource on many levels and our favorite blog for 2014.   Congratulations!

Nurse Gail

This nurse/blogger has an extensive nursing background and she’s a top-notch writer as well. She cuts to the chase when it comes to controversial issues such as ‘the morning after pill’ and it’s efficacy, modern ‘wellness’ trends, and nursing ethics on social media.  This blog is an absolute MUST READ for anyone considering a nursing career, or if you’re already working as a nurse.  It was tough to pick a favorite article to highlight.  We chose her commentary on the new trend of “oiling pulling”.  Does it work?  Read Nurse Gail’s link here and find out…

A Journey Through Nursing School & Beyond

This blogger describes REAL life as a nurse and mother of two… The new job.  The schooling.  The challenges and frustrations.  The rewards.  This blog is a must-read if you’re considering nursing school!

Off The Charts AJN

Here’s a blog worth subscribing to.  Topics include a wide array of global nursing issues, nursing history, and health topics ranging from diabetes to anxiety.  This well-written and professional perspective on the health community is a MUST READ if you are an RN, if you’ve considered a career in the field of nursing, or if you’re simply interested in the health and medical field. 

Correctional Nurse

Ever wonder what life as a correctional nurse would be like? This up-beat twist on an otherwise gritty career is refreshing and real.  Nurse Practitioner, Lorry Schoenly, PhD, RN discusses real life challenges in the career and issues such as substance withdrawal, supervision, hepatitis, and other topics related to the career that you’ve likely never thought of. 

The Nursing Show

This comprehensive nursing blog covers practically every topic related to nursing. From students nurse tips to global health epidemics, the nursing show covers a broad array of important topics in the nursing field. MUST read for perspective nurses or RNs in the field

Did I Really Sign up for This?

This blogger’s name SAYS. IT. ALL.  Nursing school can be grueling, but the rewards are priceless.  Read this touching reflection on graduation, student nursing, her start in pediatrics, dosage calculations, and more.  A MUST READ if you’ve considered nursing.  

The NP Mom  

This Nurse practitioner gives the 401 on REAL LIFE in the private practice. This, of course, covers the treatment of about every imaginable ailment under the sun.  She covers a wide array of some of the more common ailements seen in her practice as well as diseases such as West Nile, lice, hepatitis, fatigue, depression, breast cancer, and shingles (just to name a few).

Midlife Nurse Crisis

This heart-felt blogger shares the realities of everything from nursing school to life as a REAL nurse! She shares her 4 year journey into the life and reflects on NCLEX studying, day-to-day nursing responsibilities, transitioning to ‘days off’, and more. A great read for anyone considering a career as a nurse.

Frugal Nurse

A nurse of 30+ years blogs in reaction to the “broken and expensive healthcare delivery system”.  She includes resources related to current health care reform, general health and nutrition insights, and discussion on other medical/health related topics.

Maddness: Tales of an Emergency Room Nurse

This blogger reflects on the day-to-day realities of being an inner city ER nurse.

The Nurse Teacher

We love THE NURSE TEACHER for her home-grown style blogging.  Sometimes it’s good to see what other nurses are experiencing as they go to school, get to work, and start their adventure in the career of nursing.  Props to her for bringing her story to the forefront for all to see!

Nurse Buff

This upbeat, comprehensive nursing blog covering everything from NCLEX testing questions to IV tricks, to nursing funnies.  Excellent visual appeal, video tutorials, mnemonic helps, and more. 

Ask The Nurse Practitioner

This comprehensive blog covers more than you can imagine! Poison ivy, urgent care, vacations, water intoxication, patient advocacy, dry skin, seizures, and the health care system are just a few of the topics delved into here. This NP blog offers expert health and medical information and is a great insight for prospective nurse practitioners.


This is REAL LIFE RN blogging.  This blogger talks about what life as a nurse is REALLY like.  She discusses the reality for many (including her) of failing the NCLEX. The nursing moments she shares here include the rewarding, the difficult, and the impossible.  EXCELLENT personal RN blog. 

RT Connections

RT Connections is a fabulous, MUST READ blog for all nurses and nurse students. This blog discusses methods for becoming successful in the career of nursing, topics such as workplace habits and the issue of bullying, as well as important tips to successful team building. This site is an excellent resource for prospective nurses and particularly those who are ready to start a career!

Digital Doorway

Nurse Keith hones in on critical topics such as work/life balance in nursing, nurse entrepreneurship, stress management, healthcare issues, addiction, and more.  This board certified nurse coach has a wealth of knowledge and is generous.  Fantastic stop for upcoming nurses and RNs alike.

The National Nurse for Public Health

This blog presents various needs for public health nursing. With healthcare costs on the rise it’s critical NOW, more than ever, that nurse efforts are strengthened on a community level. Their solution: PREVENTION. Read, make a contribution to their efforts, or listen to the podcast. This blog is a MUST READ.

Senior Care Central

Comprehensive discussion about life as a senior care nurse.  Important issues related to senior care are addressed here:  dementia, life in this career, salary potential, treatments for various conditions, and resources related to the career.  MUST READ for upcoming senior care nurses.

The Nurses’ Nurse

Rita Batchley, RN, BSN has made a profession of teaching both patients and nurses.  Her goal is to “inspire other nurses to embrace their power as advocates for others by taking better care of themselves”.  Her blog articles range in topics and cover issues such as ‘making a difference as a nurse’ and how nurses can be the key to really reforming healthcare.   She’s inspiring.  She hones in on the potential and influence each nurse has.  Definitely a MUST READ nursing blog. 

Makings of a Nurse

This Community Health nurse and blogger brings her nursing adventures to the forefront, sharing a wealth of information regarding  nursing classes, clinicals, NCLEX prep, and more.  The article we were most impressed with is entitled, The Holistic Nurse: Origins.  It’s all about this nurse’s early health problems (having been born without a thyroid gland) and her journey to healing that has taken her into the world of holistic nursing.  She shares her insights and struggles which are relatable and real… clearly emphasizing her role as a nurse.

The Daisy Foundation

This is most definitely a different blog from the rest.  The daisy foundation recognizes nurses who have shown exceptional performance.  They have gone into partnership with over 1800 hospitals, now awarding nurses every month.  This inspiring blog will leave you feeling motivated at the influence that these nurses have.   

Scrubs – The Nurse’s Guide to Living 

This top-notch nursing blog hones in on a broad range of topics including nursing careers, information on nursing schools, helpful apps, entertaining articles, giveaways, nursing uniforms, general health and wellness advice.  It’s an excellent resource for RNs. 

THE nursing Site blog

This nursing blog focuses on issues that pertain to working nurses everywhere. Topics include starting a career after grad school, use of social media, scholarship updates, discussion on salaries, and more. This is a great community for nurses everywhere and definite MUST READ!

Emergency Room Nurse

Here’s a nitty-gritty (and true to life) story of life in the ER.  Find out why Mondays following holidays are so awful for ER staff.  Also read about the “idiots” that commonly find their way into emergency room and how ER nursing staff deal with them.  This entertaining blog might make you think twice about a career in the emergency room OR perhaps, solidify your decision.  MUST READ!

Fabulous Nurse  

The Fabulous Nurse offers  fun, upbeat commentary including career options, jobs, style and beauty, humor, health, quizzes, nurse profiles, book club, pictures, and more. 


This is a blog and networking environment designed for healthcare professionals.  Topics include resume building, nursing salary, recruiting, work within various nursing careers, and information for new grads.  This is an excellent resource for RNs or prospective nurses. 

Tales of a school zoned nurse

Ever wonder what it’s really like working as a school nurse?  This blogger can tell you!  Her day-to-day antics are touching and comical.  She laments on how the kids grow up too fast and talks about her daily routine, which of course, is never the same.  From problems with NEW teeth to the realities of real sickness and even suicide-- you get the real-deal life sample of being a school nurse HERE.

Nurse Nacole

This board-certified registered nurse shares her experiences through her nursing education.  She shares study notes and NCLEX questions to help other nursing students along. 

The Children’s Nursing Blog

This nursing blog delves into the life of children’s nursing and the ins and outs of nursing school.  If you’re considering a career as a pediatric nurse, this blog is a MUST READ!

Stethoscopes and Scrubs

This blogger shares a real-life journey through the nursing field.  Read this blog if you’re curious about the real-life ins and outs of working as a registered nurse and for tips and tricks when studying. 

New Nurse Blog 

This blogger provides an outlet for new nurses to vent about their experiences in nursing school.  Complete with podcast, this blogger provides advice on finding residencies, IV tips, guest blogs about life in the career, and council regarding your preparation for the NCLEX. MUST READ!

Bloopz, RN

This blog is straight forward… not a lot of fluff… just tons of book and study information, definitions, NCLEX questions and more.  It’s a great resource if you’re in the trudges of nursing school!

According To Kateri

Most of our blogs here are solely related to the topic of nursing while this one here is not.  It is however, written by a registered nurse who has some profound words on the subject.  Through her reflections on her daily life, her health, her job, and her experience, she shares what’s most meaningful to her.  She talks about what it means to be “just a nurse”. These well-written sentiments are touching and valuable to others in her career.  Our favorite article is entitled Just a Nurse

ER Nurse Insanity: The Traveling Years

This blogger gives a real-life snap shot of her life as a registered nurse.  She talks about life as an ER nurse; the rush, managing sick patients, and “the ridiculous things overheard by the patients”, as well as her real life outside of nursing.  It’s a great insight for someone hoping to see what it’s like, or to just relate. 

Onward Healthcare Blog

“There’s an APP for that”.  Truly.  This nursing blogs pinpoints 10 useful apps for nurses and we think they’ve nailed it.  They also provide a plethora of reading material on travel nursing that can be found HERE

Amy’s Nursing Blog

This is an excellent resource for straight-forward study help.  The subjects are categorized and include Math practice, reference pages, and definitions.  Check this out as you start preparing for the NCLEX!

At Your Cervix

(Most clever title!) Read this blog for nursing information regarding birth plans, OB and birth scenarios, annual exams, and more.

Innovative Nurse

This blogger covers nursing topics such as negotiating your fees, notable nurses in history, preventing nursing injuries, and more.  It’s absolutely an excellent resource for nurses!

Undergrad RN

This blog is devoted to the real life experiences of nursing students.  This includes the daily grind of everything “nursing school”: exams, classes, becoming a nurse, proofs, projects, and life along with it all.  If you’re in nursing school or are about to start, this blog is a MUST READ!